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Bao Sen labor service

Jiangsu Baosen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in construction engineering. The company is located in Changzhou city with beautiful scenery and outstanding people. It is one of the coastal economic development zones in the Yangtze River Delta. This area is one of the most developed areas in China with the most active international trade.

Jiangsu Baosen Construction Co., Ltd. has gathered a group of professionals graduated from colleges and universities with the mind of embracing all kinds of rivers. It encourages employees to maximize their self-worth while maximizing their corporate interests. The company regularly conducts on-the-job professional training and promotion training for employees, encourages employees to actively develop their own quality, and will continue to introduce excellent graduates from famous universities at home and abroad to enrich the company's team, and regularly selects excellent employees and technical experts to train and study in famous universities at home and abroad. The full combination of theory and practice makes the company's talent structure mature under the guidance of market demand. The competent and efficient professional manager team and excellent employees with various professional skills ensure the sustainable competitiveness of the company. The company respects its employees, cherishes its talents, and "allows them to be shorter and more competent". It sincerely builds a platform for each employee to display their talents, and makes the core values of "people-oriented" become a solid driving force for the company to expand its business. It adheres to the tenet of "quality first, honesty first, and customers first". It constantly introduces advanced technology and equipment, and constantly develops and innovates Build excellent projects and warm homes.

Bao Sen labor service

"Baosen construction industry" provides the general contracting company with the best quality labor service and the most superior service, and turns your dream into reality. The company will always be the pioneer and leader of this cause, and is willing to make unremitting efforts for the "bigger and stronger" of this cause, and truly realize the "sustainable development beyond the industry".